The Unimaginable Story of Gymnast, Jen Bricker

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Some people would say that Jen Bricker’s life began under the most unthinkable circumstances. She was a genetic amputee, born without legs. And as if that wasn’t enough, her parents gave her up for adoption shortly after her birth. She was raised by parents who taught her that the word “can’t” should never be part of her vocabulary. From that concept, she learned from a young age that she was capable of whatever she dreamed. But for many, what she DREAMED, was unthinkable – to become a world-champion gymnast. Jen pursued her dream and to most peoples’ surprise, her ambition to become a competitive gymnast was eventually realized. This incredible story would be share-worthy even if we stopped it right here. But what happens next for Jen is simply unimaginable. She makes an astonishing discovery about her past – her biological family. Her discovery has shocked the world.

See for yourself…