Taylor Swift reveals the most dangerous thing she’s ever done and leaves us giggling

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Vogue just published an interview with Taylor Swift that employs their new strategy for celebrity interviews: a 10-minute question/answer sesh.  Talyor could not have been more accommodating.  She floats through her cozy abode, discussing random facts such as how many guitars she has, the first song she ever learned, and… what she’d tell 19-year old self.

Here are a few highlights


  • Something that moved her recently: “The movie The Martian.”
  • Sarcastically, when interviewer Joe Sabia suggests a Scrabble board she arranged to say “Hello Vogue” might have been planned: “No, that was spontaneous. I’m a very spontaneous person.”
  • Something she still has from her childhood: “My insecurities.”
  • Her favorite TV show still on the air: “Dateline.”
  • A movie that made her cry her eyes out: “Oh, my god, The Martian.”
  • What she’d be doing if she weren’t in music: “Might be in advertising. Coming up with slogans and concepts is the same as hooks and songs.”
  • The most adventurous thing she’s ever done: “Watching Shark Week.”
  • A song she wishes she’d written: “The Friends theme song, because of those royalties.”
  • Her advice for wannabe singers: “Get a good lawyer.”
  • What she’ll wear to the Met gala: “I’m going to be dressed as a robot and carry a sword.”
  • On what she’d say to her 19-year-old self: “Hey, you’re going to date just like a normal 20-something should be allowed to, but you’re going to be a national lightning rod for slut-shaming.”

Source: Vox