Gorgeous Solar Tile Roofs Take Solar Industry By Storm

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Image: Tesla

Image: Tesla

Is it any surprise that the latest fashionable changes to solar paneling are coming from legendary innovator, Tesla founder, Elon Musk?  Musk, who is chairman of both Tesla Motors and SolarCity has announced his vision for merging the 2 companies.  His plan is to make solar roofs that are actually better looking than a typical shingle roof, using glass solar tiles that will provide energy.


“People always think of Tesla as an electric-car company, but really the whole point of Tesla was to accelerate the advent of sustainable energy,”


Said Musk on a Universal Studios stage in Los Angeles surrounded by houses outfitted with glass solar tiles roughly the size and shape of roofing shingles.  He continued…


“The key is really to make solar something desirable where if you install a solar roof on your house, you’re really proud, you want to put it on the most prominent part of the house, you want to call your neighbors over and say, ‘Check out the sweet roof,’”


SolarCity is currently the largest home-solar panel installer in the U.S.. Tesla’s newest generation home battery (Powerwall 2), which will run you $5500, can store enough electricity to power a 4-bedroom house for a full day.  This is twice the capacity of the previous model.

According to clean-energy research firm GTM Research, residential solar panel installations are expected to grow 23% this year in the U.S.   If you’ve been contemplating solar panels, this could be your moment.



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