Simone Biles Wins The Women’s Gold

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Source: Doug Mills/The New York Times

Source: Doug Mills/The New York Times

Simone Bile did, in fact, win the Gold in the Women’s Gymnastics all-around.  It was quite a moment but nothing that anyone doubted.  For a long while now, leading up to these games in Rio, Biles has been the woman to watch – expected to not only win the Gold all-around and the U.S. Women’s Team Gold, but this Olympics Simone Biles was to become the most decorated female olympic gymnast in the world.

When asked, U.S. team-mate Aly Raisman commented that she knew that Biles would probably win because she wins at everything. Aly hoped for the silver and that is just what she got.  Together, the U.S. team was nothing short of spectacular.

In this interview, Simone discusses what it’s like to train for an event like the Olympics.  She has already won 14 medals in the world championships and Bela Karolyi considers Simone to be “absolute perfection” and “the best in the world.”  Although one could assume that it’s because of the 32 hours per week that she trains in the gym.  And that would be a reasonable assumption with that training schedule.   But according to Biles’ coach, there is a lot more to this.  See, when Simone’s classroom missed a field trip and decided to visit a local gym instead, the gym owners were blown away by what they saw in Simone.  They immediately called her parents and asked that they bring her in for a class.  They had no idea what they were getting.  Simone did a roundoff back handspring her first day of class. She said that her brother taught her how. From that moment on, coaches were committed to making Simone reach her full potential as a gymnast.  Today, she has reached just that.