Olympic Champion gives up chance to win to help brother

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Jonny Brownlee, in first, hit a wall before the finish line.  He could not move anymore and began to lose any chance of even completing the race.  Alistair, who was in competition to win the race, decided to aid his younger brother allowing his competitor to gain the lead and, ultimately, win the race.

Jonny fell to his knees and, in an emotional moment, his brother, Alistair, picked him up, put his arm around his neck, and ran to the finish line.  As they were about to cross the finish line, Alistair pushed his brother in front of him, allowing him to finish before him, in second place. There was a protest against the two brothers, however, under the triathlon rules assistance from another competitor is allowed.

Alistair stated, “I wish the flipping idiot had just paced it right and won the race.  He could have jogged the last 2Km.”

Jonny Brownlee tweeted from the hospital his thanks for the loyalty of his brother.

Even with the fiercest competition, two brothers respect for one another comes out on top.