Nebraska lines up with 10 players, no punter, in honor of late Sam Foltz

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In July, Nebraska lost punter Sam Foltz to a car crash.  Sam Foltz and former Michigan State punter Mike Sadler were killed in a fatal car crash.  As the news of Nebraska punter spread, many current Nebraska football players expressed their thoughts on social media.

During the first game of the 2016 season, the Nebraska football team on lined up on the field without their punter.  The Cornhuskers took a delay of game in remembrance of their fallen colleague.  Out of respect, Fresno State declined the penalty allowing Nebraska to send their Freshman punter to kick the ball.

Many fans out of respect wore Foltz’s jersey number out of respect for their fallen football player.  Jill Foltz said their family was “overwhelmed” by the tribute from the football team and the fans.

It’s always great to see sportsmanship in such a tragedy.