Magical Indoor Playground – The Winter Weather Solution

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featured-imageWhen an Oregon couple vacillated over what to do with an awkward room above their garage, they eventually realized that it would make the perfect space for an indoor playground for their two young kids – something that has proven to be the perfect solution during the rainy Oregon winters.  The project looks like an excerpt from House Beautiful Magazine but, in truth, (and here’s the best part) the creators of this spectacular space are fairly new to the world of design.

Sarah recently began documenting her design adventures on her blog, The Created Home.  

This particular project includes a playhouse, a bridge, a slide, a reading space, a rock wall, a fire pit, and plenty of play space to keep the kids occupied during those rainy days.  Sarah provides details and instructions for each project individually – they can each be found on the blog.

You will not believe how this project turned out:

Sarah’s Inspiration for the Project

“The cabin playhouse was inspired by a Restoration Hardware bed. I thought it was a waste to use it only for sleep, especially with a $3000 price tag! I modified the design to have four full walls, lifted it off the ground, designed the interior, added a slide, and attached the bridge and reading nook. The total cost was under $600 for all of it. I don’t think you can buy a couch for that. A least not a good one…”



“We love to build together as a family, so it was an opportunity to do something all together. My toddlers wield drills and hammers with frightening accuracy, and they love to be involved. I like to think we are teaching them that if they can dream it, they can build it. “





“It seems like kids don’t get the opportunity to be kids much these days. We encourage our kiddos to play, get dirty, build things, and explore. Much of that happens outside, but with the perfect unused space in the house we decided to set our passion for creating and building free.”




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