Incredible Olympic Moments

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Source: Mitch Gunn /

Source: Mitch Gunn /

The Olympic seasons is something that brings the world together.  Participants from every walk of life share a dream, a hope, and a common effort to represent their country on the world stage.  And without fail, every Olympic Season brings to light a story that inspires us.  Now, take a moment to look back on some of the most inspiring moments in Olympic history:

1 – Kerri Strugg – Atlanta 1996.  She vaults on an injured ankle and helps her team take home the gold

2 – Abebe Bikila – Rome, 1960. First man to win consecutive marathons.  The first, bare-footed.

3 – Jamaican Bobsleigh Team, Calgary, 1988

4 – Lawrence Lemieux, Beijing, 2008

5 – Derek Redmond, Barcelona, 1992