Moms go HOCUS POCUS at Disney’s Halloween Party and Park-Goers LOVE IT

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For Halloween, these moms (and lifelong friends) decided to pull off the witch trio from Hocus Pocus for a night at Disneyland’s Halloween Party. The reaction from park-goers could not have been more perfect.



Katy Regnier (the mastermind behind the costumes) describes the night:


“People in Disneyland LOVED them.  It was so much fun.  As soon as we got off the tram we had people asking us if they could take our photos and we had people stopping us all night… telling us it was their favorite movie, they loved the costumes… we had little girls come up and tell us we were their favorite witches.   It was so great.”



Katy is no stranger to dress-making.  The Encinitas blogger, crafter, and mom extraordinaire, makes costumes for her family every year.  This year, she decided to make it happen for herself and her friends specifically with Disneyland’s Halloween Party in mind.  The group has been buddies since middle school and they’ve always loved the movie. She posted on her Facebook Tuesday morning,


“I have the very best friends. They made my hocus pocus dreams come true.”


Hocus Pocus Costumes

Katy did not use a single pattern to make the dresses.  She watched and paused the movie repeatedly as she draped fabric over a dress form, until she finally got it right.  We think she did a pretty spectacular job.

Here are a few more of Katy’s costume creations.  More fun can be found on her blog,


frozen-family-halloween-costume-1 frozen-parents-halloween-costume-3

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