7 Reasons to Start Eating Pumpkin Seeds

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Pumpkin Seeds

Don’t be fooled by this tasty little snack.  The pumpkin seed has some amazing health benefits that we should all be aware of before entering the fall season! They’re a simple and delicious treat that can do a lot for your health – from boosting brain power to improving your immune system.  Take a look at the incredible health benefits of pumpkin seeds! Here are a few reasons to start eating pumpkin seeds:

They’re great for your heart – Pumpkin seeds are chalk full of magnesium.  Just a quarter cup of pumpkin seeds contain half of the recommended daily value.  And magnesium just happens to be a necessary mineral for proper muscle function – in other words, your heart needs it in order to function properly!

Boosts your Immune System – That’s right.  Zinc is another micronutrient found in pumpkin seeds which is important for a strong immune system.  Zinc plays an important role when it comes to DNA synthesis and cell division.  It’s a great addition to your diet, particularly during cold and flu season (also pumpkin season – perfect!)

Quick Healing – Damaged cells heal faster, according to research, when certain seeds are included in a healthy diet.  Pumpkin seeds are a great source of protein and other micronutrients that strengthen cell function.

Brain Power – Pumpkin seeds provide the zinc that’s necessary for increasing mental focus and memory.

Reduce Stress – The amino acids and glutamate found in pumpkins help synthesize GABA, a “feel good” neurotransmitter.

Ease Hot Flashes – Yes, you read correctly.  Pumpkin seeds have an anti-inflammatory effect that certainly helps offset menopause symptoms including hot flashes!

It’s Anti-Inflammatory – Okay, we just mentioned this one but really… it’s worth mentioning twice.  Reducing inflammation can help you side-step too many conditions to name here.  Arthritis, fungal infections, skin conditions, and gastrointestinal disorders are just a few.  Pumpkin seeds are a great anti-inflammatory snack.



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